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Dyson Buying Guide

This guide was written to help you select the best Dyson for your home.  However, if you still have any questions please feel free to give us a call.

If you are looking for a canister vacuum there is only one model, the Dyson DC21.  It comes with a motorized brushbar and a floor tool so it will work on all floor types.

If you are looking for an upright you will need to select between the following Dyson Upright Vacuum Series:  The DC07, DC14, DC15, DC17, DC18, DC24 and the DC25.  All of the models in each series are identical except for the accessories that they come with.  For example the DC14 All Floors and the DC14 Animal are identical vacuums except for their color.  The DC14 Animal model is more expensive because it includes three additional accessories.

Before selecting a Dyson series lets look at the features they all have in common:

Constant Suction:  Unlike other vacuums the Root Cyclone technology does not loose suction.
Life Time HEPA Filter: Never needs to be replaced.
Five Year Warranty:  All Dysons come with a five year warranty backed by Dyson.
Approved for Allergy Sufferers:  The British Allergy Foundation has approved Dyson Vacuums use for allergy sufferers.
No Extra Costs:  No bags to buy and all belts and filters have a lifetime warranty.
Clear Bin:  You can see what you pick up and it is quick and hygienic to empty.

While all those features are great you will have to understand the differences between the series in order for you to select the best one for your needs.  Here are the major differences that will affect your buying decision.

Maneuverability:  The DC15, DC18, DC24 and the DC25 vacuums can turn very easily.
Our View:  One of our favorite features you can effortlessly change the direction of your vacuum.   If you want this feature you are limited to the above models.

Weight:  All of the Dysons weigh around 20 lbs except for the DC18 and the DC25 at 15lbs and the lightest vacuum, the DC24 at 11lbs.
Our view:  If you have stairs or trouble lifting the DC18 Slim, the DC25 All Floors or the DC24 all Floors will be your best choice.  Please note that all Dyson uprights have a push weight of around 4lbs when in use as the vacuums are balanced over the wheels or the ball.

Clear Bin Size:  The size of the bin varies from model to model.  A larger bin means you will have to empty it less frequently.
Our View:  In using the DC24, which has the smallest bin, we did not find the bin size to be an issue.  It is roughly a fourth the size of the DC15.  However, if this is the most important feature to you the DC07 has the largest bin size.

Motorized Brushbar:  With the direct drive motorized brushbar the DC15, DC17, DC18, DC24 and the DC25 models will have better pickup on carpeting.
Our View:  The motorized brushbar will make a difference for carpet cleaning.  Also these models have an on/off button for the brushbar making it easy to use these models on bare floors.  The DC07 and DC14 have a dial at the bottom of the vacuum to turn off the brushbar. If you go from carpeting to bare floors frequently you will appreciate the on/off button for the brushbar offered by the newer models.

Aggressive Brushbar:  The DC17 has stiffer bristles creating more carpet agitation.
Our View:  For deep nap carpeting with pet hair we recommend the DC17.  We do not recommend that you use the DC17's brushbar on floors that scratch.

Extra Cyclone:  The DC17 has an extra cleaning stage to clean the air.
Our view:  All Dyson vacuums already include a HEPA filter and the air expelled is cleaner than the air coming in.  All Dyson vacuums have been approved for allergy sufferers by the BAF.  However, if this is the most important feature to you when selecting a Dyson vacuum than choose the DC17.

Wand Type:  The DC07 and the DC24 have the older reversible wand while all other models have the telescopic wand.
Our View:  The reversible wand on the DC07 and the DC24 is a three step process to set up and the same to reattach to the vacuum.  The telescopic wand on the other models is definitely easier to use.  Buy the DC07 only if you do not plan to use the wand often.

Wide Channel:  The DC07, DC18 and the DC24 do not have the wide channel.

Our View:  The wide channel is a larger opening at the front to accept larger items.  The opening does help but we feel this feature is not significant enough to impact your buying decision.  Our recommendation is to use the wand to pick up larger items as it actually has the largest opening.

While all of these differences can be daunting we also have a Dyson Comparison Chart to help you compare the vacuums.  Once you select the Series you like there may be more than one model to choose from.  Remember, all of the vacuums within a series are identical except for their color and the accessories they come with.  At this point it is best to choose the vacuum with the accessory package that is ideal for you.

All Dyson's come with three standard accessories.  The stair tool, large brush and the crevice tool.  In the DC18 series the large brush and crevice tool are combined into a combo tool.  The Animal models are typically the most popular if offered within a series and all animal models include three additional accessories.  The mini turbine tool, a floor tool and a carpet cleaning kit.  If purchased seperately these three accessories would cost $170.  Typically with the animal model you are looking at around a $100 difference between it and the All Floors model.  If you like the accessories offered with a particular model there is ussually a significant price savings compared to buying the accessories separately.

Whenever there is more than one option in a series we create a comparison chart to help you make a decision and see which accessories come with each model.  Currently we have the following comparison charts:

Dyson DC15 Vacuums

Dyson DC14 Vacuums

Dyson DC07 Vacuums

We also want to take a moment and answer some of the most common questions that we are asked regarding Dyson vacuums.

If I have a pet do I need to buy an "Animal" Model?
No.  When Dyson first started selling in the US they only had two models.  The DC07 All Floors and the DC07 Animal.  The only way back than to get the popular Mini Turbine tool, which is great at removing pet hair from furniture, was to purchase the Animal model.  Now you can purchase the Mini Turbine tool separately for any Dyson upright.

Than why do some websites and salesman say I need the animal if I have pets?
We can think of only two reasons they would say this.  They do not understand the product or they are trying to influence you into buying a more expensive model.

Do the names of the vacuums have any relevance?
The names simply relate to the color of the vacuum and any additional accessories that may come with the vacuum.  Within each series all the vacuums are identical.  For example the DC15 All Floors and the DC15 Animal are identical vacuums.

Why does the DC07 have the most suction?
The DC07 has a narrow opening at the bottom that prevents it from picking up larger items.  When the DC14 came out it included a "Wide Channel" to pick up larger items.  The larger opening inversely affected the airflow.  With the newer models there is a little less airflow but this is offset by the better brushbars.  The better brushbars allow for better agitation and actually allow for better carpet cleaning.

It appears on some websites that they ship right from the factory.  Is that true?
No.  It is just a clever marketing gimmick.  The factories are in Malaysia.  It would not be to your advantage to have a Dyson vacuum shipped right from the factory.

Do people like the Dyson as much as I hear?
We feel the return rate of an item is the best indicator as to how well consumers like the product.  Since we have been selling Dyson our return rate has consistantly stayed at less than 1/3 of a percent of all sales or roughly 3 for ever 1000 sold.  Additionally we receive notes on a weekly basis from customers happy with their purchase.



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