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Does the Dyson vacuum really work that much better than other vacuums?
In ten years Dyson has earned roughly one-third of the European market for vacuums. In only two years after their introduction to the Great Britain market they were the number one selling vacuum. By providing a vacuum that worked better than any before it Dyson was able to gain market share through customer word-of-mouth referrals. Would you ever refer anything that did not work?

Are there really no hidden costs?
The HEPA filter can not be removed from the machine and will last the lifetime of your Dyson vacuum. The other filter and the belt are guaranteed for the life time of your vacuum. And of course you never need to buy a bag.

What happens if there is a problem with my Dyson vacuum?
You can take your vacuum to an authorized service center. If your vacuum is under warranty Dyson will even have your vacuum mailed to them and a replacement mailed to you if necessary. On the handle of your vacuum is a tool free number for Dyson support that you can call if you have any problems. (1-866-693-9766)

Do I need to clean anything?
The pre-motor filter should be cleaned every six months. Just run it under water and let the filter dry before using your vacuum again. To clean the clear bin simply take a damp rag and run it over the inside after emptying the bin. Do not wash the clear bin.

What is the expected lifespan of a Dyson vacuum?
Dyson tests their vacuums to insure they have a life span for residential use of no less than ten years.

Will Dyson vacuums work on hardwood floors?
Yes, all of the models will function on hardwood floors.

How does it work?
Have you ever taken a sharp turn too fast in your car? Feel yourself being pushed back into your seat? The Dyson vacuum uses the same principle, Cyclonic force (or G-Force as we know it), to increase the mass of anything sucked into the vacuum to over 100,000 times their normal weight. Even cigarette smoke gains so much weight that it is to heavy to leave the vacuum as the air exits. This is why the filters last forever. Unlike other vacuums where the filters (or bags) are the main way to separate particles from air, in the Dyson they serve just as an extra safeguard. The Dyson vacuum is so effective the air leaves your vacuum cleaner than when it entered.

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